A Little About Ramon & Salendra

Hello friend!

Ramon and Salendra here!
Samu here! Wuf, wuf!!

We have so much to tell you… But we’re just going to tell you some parts of our lives and passions.
We are going to talk to you, but not all of us 3 at the same time… We have our turn!

Let’s get it rocking n’ rolling!

Salendra here!
Where to start from!
I was born in Fiji Islands, by Australia, but came to United States when I was 4 🙂
I was a nerd in school and didn’t even like to go out or talk to people!
I was always studying and working!

Finally I got a great job as an independent nuclear medicine tech that was paying me 6 figures… But then the market crashed, and my salary went down suddenly!

So I decided to do network marketing to generate some extra income and this is the industry where I met Ramon!
We connected too fast!

Network marketing didn’t work out too well, so I stuck to my nuclear med business and our online businesses!

Stop talking, Salendra!
You never let me speak!

Ramon here!
She is right. We connected too fast!

I was an International student from Spain in the USA and I wanted to make a lot of money!
But, apparently, I couldn’t have a job… So I decided to start Network Marketing.

Salendra was there, and she couldn’t stop starring at me!

So we went out once… Then one more time… Then again… And again, and again…
We’ve been like this for years now!

Long story short… Now we’re married in California. And we’re crashing the Internet with our secret Ninja and Rockstar methods! 😉

We’ve also invested in some nice investment opportunities.

So check out our blog because we have some nice things to share with you.

Wuf, wuf!!

I’m Samu!

I’m a dog.

I sleep, poop and eat all day long… And look pretty on camera 🙂

Now I’m going to sleep… Wuf u!


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